Division B: Tournament Results

Thank you to the 48 schools who came out to compete today! The final results can be found here.

The annual Harvard Undergraduate Science Olympiad Division B Invitational Tournament will be held on Sunday, February 10, 2019, on the historical campus of Harvard University in Cambridge, MA. Our Division B event will feature 30 teams competing in all 23 events. Competition events will run from approximately 7:00 am to 3:00 pm with the closing ceremony finishing by 6:00pm. 

  1. Our schedule will mirror the 2019 Nationals Schedule. The schedule for the HUSO Division B Invitational can be found here.

  2. Team numbers for the Division B Tournament can be found here.

  3. Forms that every student must submit can be found here.

  4. Team Roster template can be found here.

  5. Event Writers/Supervisors will be Division B team proctors as well as Science Olympiad alumni here at Harvard, and high school volunteers looking to gain experience.

  6. Each school may register up to 2 teams.


  1. Teams must be registered with their state Science Olympiad organization prior to competing in the HUSO Invitational Tournament.

  2. Teams must conform to the Division B membership rules found here and all competing students must conform to the eligibility rules found here

  3. All students must sign (1) Code of Conduct, (2) HUSO Program Consent Form, and (3) Talent Release Form prior to competing in the HUSO Invitational Tournament. Forms will be provided to coaches after registration is confirmed.

Competition day

  1. Teams must abide by the Official Code of Ethics and General Rules specified here

  2. The HUSO Invitational Tournament will be scored based on the Official Scoring Guidelines specified here

  3. Unless otherwise stated, the HUSO Invitational Tournament will adhere to all rules stated in the national rule book and national event clarifications posted here. In cases which the printed national rule book specifies different rules or content for different competition levels, the HUSO Invitational Tournament will follow the the rules specified for the regional tournament level

  4. Each team must be accompanied to the HUSO Invitational Tournament by two adults (coach, adviser, etc). Every team will be given access to a homeroom in Harvard Yard where the chaperone must reside for the duration of the tournament.

  5. A map of the classrooms and labs can be found here.